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The institutions run by the trust have always been keeping pace with the changes in the latest training methods available in the world. Numerous students and faculty members of Ganpat University   are engaged in learning, teaching and research activities. These activities are being carried out with the utilisation of various Information Technology (IT) Methods.

Campus Wi-Fi

The campus LAN is connected via Fiber Optic cables with a secured Wi-Fi Facilities enabling students to access the Wireless internet at various Colleges and Hostels.

      Step for Hostel Wifi Registraion:

  •  Student need to open the  Ganpat University ERP portal (https://erp.ganpatuniversity.ac.in) with their username and password.
  • Student login into system then find the “Internet Registration Request Form” and fill the necessary detail on this. (Guideline ppt is available on https://www.ganpatuniversity.ac.in/content/wi-fi-connectivity).      
  • After submitting form detail you need to verify Laptop/Desktop machine MAC address with institute representative which specify into table-1.1
  • Once your machine MAC address will be verified then GNU-IT section will mail your credential  or you will view in Ganpat University ERP Portal form name “Internet Registration Request Form”

 Interner Services Location in GNU

  • Canteen
  • New UVPCE (Open Space Area)
  • UVPCE Library
  • University and MUIS (Open Space Area)
  • SKPCER (Open Space Area)

Step for Register Student access the Internert Services 

  •  Find the GNU-Wirless SSID in above location area.
  • Enter the password gnu@2018
  • Do necessary Proxy setting in Laptop/Desktop ( Click Here)
  • Now Access the Internet connection in your Laptop/Desktop


Service Name


1Hostel WI-FI Registration LinkClick Here
2Download Certificate (Working in Ganpat University Campus only)Click Here
3Certificate Installation Steps for Desktop and LaptopClick Here
4Configure a proxy server on your WindowsClick Here
5Change Password(Working in Ganpat University Campus only)Click Here

For Any Query and technical support

Time for suppport: 9: 00 AM to 5:00  PM

  1. Mr. Gulab Thakor   E:- gst01@ganpatuniversity.ac.in   T: 02762-226038    
  2. Mr. Shaielsh Patel   M:-sap03@ganpatuniversity.ac.in   T: 02762-226038
  3. Dr. Ketan Patel - IT Officer (itofficer@ganpatuniversity.ac.in)


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