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Ganpat University
Recognised Ph.D.Guide List
Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Sr.No. Guide Name Branch
1 Dr. Bhavesh P. Patel Mechanical Engi.
2 Dr. Kiran R. Amin Computer Engi.
3 Dr. Hemal V. Shah Computer Engi. , Information Technology
4 Dr. Rakesh A. Patel Elecctrial Engi.
6 Dr. Vijay K. Patel Electronics & Communication Engi.
7 Dr. Kirit J. Modi Computer Engineering, Information Technology
8 Dr. Anand P. Mankodia Electronics & Communication Engi.
9 Dr. Amrutbhai N. Patel Electronics & Communication Engi.
10 Dr. Rakesh D. Vanzara Computer Engineering, Information Technology
11 Dr. Chandresh G. Patel Civil Engi.



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